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If you’re in Victoria, we understand you’re doing it tough at the moment. 

With the reimplementation of tighter restrictions, uncertainty around jobs, and an unclear path ahead, it can be easy to suffer from fear, anxiety, even depression.

We want to help by giving you free access to our online Ultimate Empowerment Program as a way to not just get you through iso-life but to have you come out the other side thriving, and in a position to shine a light for others.

With the Ultimate Empowerment Online Program you get:

The Create Your Future Now Online Summit

The Elite Leaders 10-week online program

A 30 minute session with a mindset coach to work on anything you MOST need for empowerment

Five guided meditations that will help you heal, sleep, release anxiety, let go of limiting beliefs, and also attract more wealth.

The Ultimate Empowerment Online Program retails for $2,900 and is yours FREE if you live in Victoria!

Here’s what happens when you take part in The Ultimate Empowerment Online Program…

Create Your Future Now Summit

1. Create Your Future Now Online Summit

This summit is run by renowned presenters Matt Catling and Miranda Claire, plus a host of guest presenters, and will get you switched on to see how you can take advantage of this isolation and become a leader for your friends, your family, and most importantly, yourself.

You will learn strategies to help you take care of your health, wealth, and happiness during this challenging time.

2. Elite Leaders Online Program

Take a 10-session deep dive with Matt Catling, Miranda Claire, and experts in finance, health, personal branding, leadership, and more.

Each session covers the mindset needed to become the best version of yourself, with actionable steps that you can implement at the conclusion of every session!

Elite Leaders Program
Guided Meditations

3. Guided Meditations

When you can resolve your internal struggles, you become a beacon for others to follow, and you step into your true potential as a leader.

With guided meditations to help you sleep better, let go of lifelong limiting beliefs, release anxiety, heal old wounds, and attract wealth fast, you put yourself on the fast track to success.

We would love to give you this FREE gift if you are in Victoria and would like to take part in education and transformation during isolation.

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