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The Ultimate Public Speaker Training

Influence Now is the ultimate public speaker training, and is one of the most powerful training’s we offer. We have witnessed so many participants start the week absolutely frozen in fear go on to deliver highly emotive, jaw-dropping presentations at the end. If you are petrified of public speaking or suffer from ‘stage fright’ then get excited, it’s all about to change!

Public speaking doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of or avoided. When you have a supportive tribe surrounding you, and trainers who can show you how to be in the moment, you tap into a powerful combination that allows you to take the stage and become the authority in your niche.

The power to presenting is in the present!

All you need to do is get there, and we can show you how.


With Influence Now, not only do you get access to our live public speaker training course, you also get access to our online training Influence Now Online - six influential public speaking lessons that you can access anywhere in the world.


Influence Now Online: Six video sessions that will help you understand the fundamentals of public speaking, and how to develop the right mindset for presenting.

Influence Now Live: Lifetime access to our acclaimed in-person public speaker training Influence Now.

Support: Ongoing support from our community and access to our presenters in our free Facebook support group.

Our public speaking course is designed for someone who wants to confidently deliver a dynamic presentation from the front of the room to take their career or business to the next level.



When you buy our Influence Now training program, not only do you receive face-to-face and recorded access to the ultimate public speaker training, we also give you a scripted coaching program where you can turn your passion into profit by offering group coaching sessions!

This turn-key system has been designed so you can start group coaching sessions straight away, even if you don’t have a business yet.

Influence Now

Presented by: Matt Catling
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We offer a lifetime re-sit policy so you can hone your skills as a presenter over and over to create mastery.

We’ll help you release any fear of public speaking, feelings of rejection, self-doubt or anxiety so you can walk into any situation and present.

Our graduates are some of the most in-demand speakers in the country and can be heard on radio and TV.

Presenters are always in high demand for events – why not become a keynote speaker and earn a salary inspiring the masses.

Your CONFIDENCE is going to absolutely sky-rocket!



With our trainings you get a lifetime re-sit pass. That’s right, you get this training for life! We suggest that you re-sit this training at least three times to create mastery.

Our trainings are constantly being updated every quarter based on the research that we are consistently doing, so you will be armed with the latest information.

Matt Catling had, by the age of 27, helped grow a business to hit the BRW Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list

Matt Catling has been running businesses for more than half his life and has now consulted and educated over 100,000 people nationwide.

Gina Mitchell

I completed Influence Now yesterday and I am feeling on a high. The training was excellent and the strategies that I learned will be putting into my workshop which I will be holding this Saturday. A big thanks to Matt Catling for doing such a great job on helping to make us all world-class presenters!

Renee Schembri

Best course ever. This has set me up both personally and with business. Thank you for the amazing support, encouragement and friendships.

Sabrina Houssami

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of courage, perseverance and insight I have learned to display in all my business and personal dealings. Matt is one of those rare things – a coach who guides and prompts with such subtlety and skill that one cannot help but be persuaded, motivated and inspired. You will see progress where there was none before.