Don't Think of a Blue Elephant

The insider secrets of how one of Australia's leading experts started from nothing and built multi-million dollar businesses using NLP.

Don't Think of a Blue Elephant

What You'll Experience After Reading Don't Think of a Blue Elephant

Understand who is in charge of your mind

Learn about what NLP is and why it works

Understand how your own psychology is holding you back

Learn how to create excellence in your communication, psychology, and behaviour

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The human brain.

It’s the most complex and most unexplored part of the human body.

We are only just beginning to discover what we as humans are capable of and what we can achieve when we take charge and use our brain’s full potential.

Do you think you are completely in charge of that brain of yours?

Does your brain do everything you say and follow your instructions?

Like if you want to get healthy or save money or say something cool to someone you like.

It’s your brain, it’s in your head, so if you are not in charge of it, who is?

Do not think of a blue elephant...

So, what did you just think of?

Don't Think of a Blue Elephant

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there...

Without even realising it we can live our lives according to other people’s goal plans, instead of living our own lives, following our own dreams and passions, and creating a life that fulfils and rewards us. We end up doing what we think has been set out for us based on what other people say.

Those people might be our parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, religious leaders, or even just a feeling of pressure from society as a whole. This outside influence can cause people to ignore their own gut feelings and desired destination, and instead, take the ‘right’ path over their own.

This can lead to restlessness, a feeling of being stuck and going in circles, and also feeling dissatisfied, lost and overwhelmed by life. Getting stuck and feeling overwhelmed - the biggest unspoken problem of our generation.

You know people like this, trapped with too many options, paralyzed with what to do, and terrified of failing. I know people who have been stuck complaining about the same problems for years.

I could tell you about all the weird things these people do, like how they tell everyone around them about their goals, set an outrageous New Year’s resolution, and then week by week, their dream starts dying because they’re ‘busy’ or ‘life got in the way’.

You may have experienced this in the past, or know people who are still stuck now.

See some people find themselves living in a state of anxiety about their future or in sadness and regret about the past, and they become stuck.

The truth is it’s got nothing to do with how many resources someone has, and everything to do with how resourceful they are.

The truth is you CAN be in control of your brain when you understand how it is naturally programmed to function and move you through life. Learning your mental patterns and languages is really fast and easy, and one of the most rewarding and beneficial things you will ever do for your own happiness.

When you have the knowledge to harness your brainpower, you are ready to plan and achieve absolutely anything in life.

Anyone is capable of making this change, but only a select few can harness the power of the mind.

For most people, it is much easier to binge on Netflix or get drunk every night, rather than looking at why they do what they do and why they stay stuck.

The rest of us, the 1%, we know we are here for something bigger...


June Cha

"This book helped me become empowered, disciplined and focused; as you can imagine the results were incredible"

Don’t think of a blue elephant

Whatever you do, do not think of a blue elephant balancing on a striped beach ball eating peanut butter off a golden spoon. Do not think about that.

Did you picture a blue elephant?

Relax, I’m not in control of your brain, I just understand the power of the word DON’T and I am happy to teach it to you...

Take action!

Don’t Think of a Blue Elephant is designed to teach you about a positive mindset and the incredible science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the basis for excellence in all of my courses. I have been learning and living NLP since I was 12-years-old and it changed my life entirely, from being the ‘dumbest’ kid in class and bullied in primary school, to becoming one of the smartest and most popular kids in high school through changing one simple thing, my mindset. Not my intelligence, not my physical appearance, not my family’s wealth. Just my mindset.

NLP is the fastest, safest and easiest way to make positive changes in life, and this is possible because we already use NLP naturally every day, and we have since the day we were born. It’s a natural reflex and programming structure in our brains designed to help us learn and grow. It’s how we learn to walk, learn to talk, learn to express ourselves, share and interact with others, and get curious about how things work. As we get older, we can ignore that internal ability to learn and grow in favour of doing the ‘right’ thing and pleasing other people, or getting ahead on someone else’s goal plan.

Here's what I know. You already have everything you need to be successful, you just need to be shown how to connect with your passion, and work WITH your internal pre-set language and communication programs to easily and effectively make dramatic and exciting changes in your life so that you can start loving the life you’re living.

The life you want, deserve and dream about is possible. Getting there is easy, you just have to know what to look for...

Don't Think of a Blue Elephant

Matt Catling
CEO of Your Future Now, The Troublemakers and Founder of The Institute of Behavioural Science

Introducing Matt Catling…

A gifted trainer, educator and entrepreneur, Matt has spent close to half his life running businesses and has been heavily involved in the personal development and consulting industry.

At 27 Matt helped grow one of the biggest coaching and consulting companies in Australia, reaching the BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, expanding it nationally and increasing sales into the millions.

Matt has now worked with over 100,000 people nationwide, has founded a number of successful companies such as Your Future Now, Your Future Events, The Institute of Behavioural Science and The Troublemakers.

Matt also has a passion for contribution and making a difference, having helped raise over $600k for the Make a Wish Foundation, Bear Cottage, and currently runs his acclaimed Live it Now training monthly for the local community.

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Don't Think of a Blue Elephant